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"Give me a twig and I see a forest"

                                                             - AlexisRoseMusic

AlexisRose is an American pop and R&B singer-songwriter and model, born and raised in beautiful Oakland, CA. Born with a voice!


Beginning at the age of seven, AlexisRose began singing and performing for friends and family. She received help from her mother and sister after they noticed her beautiful vocal talent and star-like presence. This lead her to begin performing in church and singing with the gospel choir. She performed songs from singers such as Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey, and other classic and contemporary artists, taking her vocal talents even further.


AlexisRose’s vocal talent enabled her to win many vocal competitions in her community and schools, leading the way to her joining the Skyline High School Performing Arts program. She was honored to star in leading roles for plays and musicals, open up for headliners such as Tony! Toni! Toné!, Goapele and other big names such as John Madden, Steve Mariucci, Tom Hanks, as well as, audiences of thousands. Since then she has amazed crowds and fans alike with her powerful and mesmerizing vocal and performance abilities!


In 2017, AlexisRose released her first EP entitled "Shades Of Love", a project inspired by different angles of heart in relationships. However, 2019 was the beginning of a new era, with the release of her song, Radiant, a new direction of inspirational music. And coming up in 2023, AlexisRose is set to release multiple singles with a new pop/hip-hop sound with moving lyrics and bright sounds.  


As Howard Stern said during AlexisRose’s “America’s Got Talent” audition, “She is absolutely captivating!” Not only does she have incredible talent, her humility and beautiful spirit have won the hearts of everyone that has heard her music or seen her perform.

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